Saturday, September 2, 2017

Stand up, Stand Out- Lyrics

Stand up, Stand out

(Verse 1)

So sick & tired of being locked away

Caged up by a load of drama, being lead astray.

No more asking what & breaking down to cry

No more of being something I’m not

Though I don’t know why.

Now hear this I’m no longer a child

It’s my time to be & I want to be wild!


Stand up stand out breakaway! Yeah!

Get wild get loud every day! Yeah!

I’m not your average girl next door

I’m out for an adventure & much more

Going to show you what it’s all about

Stand up & stand out!

(Verse 2)

I may have be blind

I really like to play it rough.

The things I have are good enough.

When the time is right I’ll be

There to throw it down.

Better stand back when I rock this town!

I’ll show you how loud I can really be

Don’t ever underestimate me!

(Repeat chorus)

(Instrumental, Guitar solo.)

(Chorus repeats twice)

Don’t be scared standup & stand out! Yeah!

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