Friday, June 2, 2017

Break Out- Lyrics

Break Out- Lyrics


(Verse 1)

Being caught in the background

Can be a full grind want to

Escape from the mundane

before I go insane.

Though temptation is loudly

Pounding on the door

Some things just can’t be ignored.

Take a dive before it’s too late

Don’t leave your life in the hands of fate



Break out from the barrier

Don’t be scared to take any shots

I see the want to in your eyes.

Everybody wants something

So don’t be scared to take that chance.



(Verse 2)

I find myself burdened

by the everyday hassles of the world.

Try to play like it’s no big deal

But it never stops.

Though this feeling has

Me reeling for a change

I think now should I chase this dream?

I can’t sit by & keep asking

“What if.”  Better take the chance while I can.


(Repeat Chorus.)


(Guitar solo)


No time for asking why

Either stand back or move in.

The time is now to break away.


( Chorus repeats twice.)

(Fade out)


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