Saturday, April 1, 2017

Pyrostorm's theme-Lyrics

This is a song that I wrote for my band & this goes out to all of the Stormriders everywhere! Enjoy!
Pyrostorm’s Theme
(Hard rock instrumental)
(Verse 1)
There’s nowhere to run don’t even try to hide
Better get ready for a really wild ride
We’re coming full throttle in your face.
Here we are ready to rock this place.
Can you hear it? The melody is humming
We’re getting things off & running.
Keep a sharp eye cause a Pyrostorm’s coming.
Yeah this is it our time is now
Here we go ready to rock this town
We’ve got the fire & we’re bringing the heat
Going to blow you mind out of your seat!
So to all you haters you’d better get running.
Better watch out cause a Pyrostorm’s coming.
(Verse 2)
We’ve been on the sidelines much too long
Now is the right time to come out subtle but strong
But in the end when things are all said & done
We’re just out to have some fun.
We ride the razor’s edge & feel the lightning
We stay tough through every adversity.
(Chorus repeats.)
(Guitar solo.)
Watch out, all haters get running
Better beware there’s a Pyrostorm coming!
(Repeats 2x)
(Chorus repeats twice.)
Rock n roll there’s a Pyrostorm coming

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