Saturday, October 1, 2016

Thoughts of a DJ: Deejays: Musicians or Jukeboxes

Hey there DJ Dizzy here. Now here's a question that I want to raise to all of you. Now I was reading this in a book just a while back & they had an interesting question which was are DJs considered true artists or just jukeboxes who sample other people's music?

Well here are my thoughts though most deejays are regarded as people who play & sample another artists music keep in mind that they're also famed producers & they do also do their own music such as mixing it with computer programs via Garage band. But also incorporate actual musical instruments into their mixes.

You also have deejays that prefer to use old school methods such as vinyl records whenever they handle music. But to me deejays are true artists that create their own music their music is either meant to make us get up & dance or just take us on a journey into our minds help us escape reality for just a minute. However there are some who recreate another artists music from their own revision of how it should sound to them some of them have also produced other famous other artists.

Though I'm a DJ to be I say that no matter how we want to regard them or what you want to say about them DJs all have something to bring even if its from other artists. But overall they should be regarded as artists no matter what method of mixing that they use. So it really doesn't matter you can still be an artist even if you sample another's work but a true artist is true to their craft no matter what some else might have to think or say.

So with that said  here's some tunes by some up & coming DJs called Fluer East


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